Committed to building a social responsibilityThe financing guarantee service platform

Is unified、Specification、The authority of the forest right flowTurn

Trading center and comprehensive service platform

Improving the structure of the state-owned assets investment,

Promote the reform deepening and innovation

Enthusiasm to serve the leading industry development in the city,Solve the micro, small and medium enterprises financing difficulties

Engaged in the financial information service、Information consultation、Project investment and other business

Engaged in enterprise management、The trustee or the entrusted asset management business

· Dynamic announcement

  • In the first half of the city renewal bridge loan capital turnover in the front row,For two consecutive years won the provincial finance special funds transferred to

    In the first half of this year,Zhuhai for micro, small and medium enterprises provide continue walking over the bridge loan financing business22.56One hundred million yuan,Continue walking over the bridge loan capital turns up11.9Times,In the first in the province3positio,Higher than the entire province average level42%,Complete province issued turns task99.2%,Zhuhai provincial renew loans across the bridge funds transfer into again1885Ten thousand yuan,Jiangsu third call amount。

  • The letter group organized“Health and safety education life experience”Activities

    To thoroughly study and apply new era xi the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the party's 19 big spirit,Strengthen the group employee safety and health education knowledge,Improve disaster prevention safety、Save your communal knowledge and skills,Strengthen the accident and emergency ability of emergency rescue。8Month29On the afternoon,Group a、Second branch coalition party members and the party activists to the Red Cross to health and safety education experience pavilion in thematic party day activity。Group party secretary Jiang Mao as an ordinary party members to participate in the activities。

  • Jiangnan by Lin old buildings(Spare the farmhouse)Organizational learning trading division《Land administration law》The new changes

    2019Years8Month26Day,The thirteenth session of the 12th meeting of the standing committee of the National People's Congress examined and approved《The land administration law of the People's Republic of China》Amendment,A new version《Land administration law》Will come from2020Years1Month1As。Jiangnan by Lin old buildings(Spare the farmhouse)Through data collection trading division、Compared to discuss the way the first time new organizational learning《Land administration law》The new changes。

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